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Geography Department

  • M A Geography
  • M Sc Geography

Semester I
Code Paper Title
GG-411 Geomorphology
GG-412 Geographic Through
GG-413 Regional Resources Management
GG-414 Regional Geography of North East
GG-415(P) Regional Geography of North East India
GG-416(P) Geomorphological Mapping and Interpretation

Semester II
Code Paper Title
GG-421 Climatology
GG-422 Oceanography
GG-423 Population Geography
GG-424 Geography and Ecosystem
  1. Population Mapping
  2. Climatology Practical
  3. Research Methology
GG-426P Field Work Report (Physical)

Semester III
Code Paper Title
GG-531 Hydrology
GG-532 Regional Development and Planning
GG-533 Geography of Health
GG-534 Agricultural Geography
GG-535(P) Spatial Analysis
  1. Soil and Hydrology Analysis
  2. Survey: Dumpy level,
    Theodolite, Total Station

Semester IV
Code Paper Title
GG-541 Photogrammetry
GG-542 Satellite Remote Sensing &
Geographic Information System (GIS)
GG-543 Urban Geography
GG-544(P) Remote Sensing and GIS
GG/545(P) Field Work Report ( Socio-economic)
GG-546(1) Rural Settlement
GG-546(2) Economic Geography
GG-546(3) Fluvial Geomorphology

Optional (Non-Credit Courses)
Code Paper Title Internal Assessment End Semester Assessment Marks Credit
GG-546(1) Rural Settlement Geography 25 75 100 4
GG-546(2) Economic Geography 25 75 100 4